Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, November 20th -- if only you were born one week later...

You'd have off on your birthday!!!

That's not saying that your b-day isn't special (of course, it is!), it's just saying that it's preferable for your birthday to involve sleeping late, pumpkin bread, and gifts that your overzealous father picked up for you (and by for you, I mean for your house -- I'm talking flat screen TVs and whatnot -- but that you appropriate for your own needs because well, a girl's gotta find out that Heidi and co. crowned Irina the new queen of Project Runway in HD. Heck, those designs just look so much more vivid at 50 inches -- wouldn't you say?).

Still, for those of you born on November 20th, take heart. At least you still have the long weekend to look forward to :) Think of it as an entire week of awesomeness!


Sensitive, Plucky, Faithful

You should have been a boxing champion, because you're a natural born fighter. Independent-minded and truly one-of-a-kind, you do your own thing and don't worry about what other people think. You act out sometimes against your 'rents (do they really think 9 o'clock is an acceptable curfew?), but the truth is you're extremely loyal to your fam and and always willing to do battle for the people close to you.

+/-: You've got a biting sense of humor that keeps your friends rolling in the aisles. But not everyone is happy to be the punch line of one of your jokes, so be sensitive to other people's feelings when you're about to break out the scathing stand-up routine.

Friend Match: You’re ruled by the number 2, so you can be a little over-sensitive sometimes. An earth-sign friend will keep you grounded and remind you to pick your battles.

Love Match: You're often attracted to bad boy Aries and flaky-as-pie-crust Gemini, but do you really want a guy who will always keep you guessing? An individualistic and confident Scorpio will keep things interesting without playing games.

Best pet: Jack Russell Terrier
Best job: Op-Ed columnist
Theme song: Underdog – Jonas Brothers

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