Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19th Birthdays in the House!!!!


Convincing, Strong, Confident

If you had a motto, it would be: Vive La Revolution! You're all about change and improvement, but you’re not just a girl with big ideas; your take-charge attitude and practical outlook means you find a way to make your dreams a reality. Even if your friends aren’t sure about taking a stand, you’ll persuade them to play a part. Playful, trendy, and fun-loving, you take a break from changing the world to let the good times roll.

+/-: If you’ve got something to say, you’re not the type to keep it under wraps. But sometimes it really is best to be seen but not heard--like during your history final exam, for example.

Friend Match: A BFF ruled by the erratic planet Mercury changes her mind practically every second and is always turning to you for advice. Despite her flakiness, her energy and enthusiasm makes her a perfect partner when it's time to fight the good fight (uh, curfew).

Love Match: You’re a family-oriented girl so you hate it when guys talk smack about their sibs. Look for a quiet and honest Cancer who values the nest as much as you, without being a momma's boy.

Best accessory: Megaphone
Best date: Staying in and watching a movie
Star match: Jodie Foster

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