Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...


Involved, Knowledgeable, Spiritual

You should be a newspaper, because you've always got something to say about what's going on the world. Curious and inquisitive, you've got the gossip on everything that goes down at school, from the politics of popularity to the most recent makeups and breakups, and you're never afraid to voice your opinion. But when it comes to self-knowlegde you can be surprisingly thin, which means you've been accused of being superficial.

+/-: There may be an "I" in listening, but if you keep bogarting the conversation every time your BFF wants to vent you'll discover that the only I that will apply to you is the one in the word ditched. Zip your lips once in a while and let your friends speak.

Friend Match: Your girlfriends had better share a love of drama; there's nothing you like better than a gossip session. Just be sure to include a bluntly honest Sagittarius who will tell you when it's time to hush up.

Love Match: If it seems like you're always attracting guys for the wrong reasons, maybe it's because you've been playing dumb. You can't truly open up until you know yourself better (not even to a smart fellow-Scorpio who's your perfect match).

Best color: Baby blue
Best style: Eurotrash
Theme song: Dirty Little Secret – All American Rejects

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