Friday, November 6, 2009

Thank God It's Friday (and Your Birthday)!!!!


Energetic, Stimulating, Optimistic

You should be a stairclimber, because you're all about stepping it up. You've got energy that's more infectious than the flu, and people can't help but be charmed and motivated when you're around, which is why you're the go-to girl for chairing up the social committee or organizing Earth Day. More bubbly than champagne and super self-confident, you can't stand the word "no," and are driven to succeed.

+/-: You're a whirlwind of activity, always blasting from one obligation to another. But unless you learn how to press pause once in a while you're bound to do damage to both yourself and your close relationships.

Friend Match: When it comes to friends, your philosophy is the more the merrier. But for someone to lean on when you're not feeling like the life of the party, stick with a quiet, loyal Virgo.

Love Match: It's great that you're so ambitious, but maybe one of your goals should be to let yourself really fall for someone. An uber-romantic Scorpio will help you forget about deadlines and school drama for a while.

Best date: Amusement park
Best hobby: What don’t you do?
Star match: Rebecca Romijn

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