Monday, November 9, 2009

If you were born on November 9th...


Daring, Open, Sporty

You're just like a triple fudge sundae with whipped cream and hot fudge sauce: all about indulgence. Temptation is a major theme in the lives of those born on November 9th, and you're always giving in to the here and now pleasures with very little thought for the tomorrow consequences. Spontaneous and fun-loving, you welcome challenges and new experience.

+/-: You’re always out to have a good time, but because your danger meter is slightly off-kilter don't always realize that what you're doing is risky. Learn to tune in to your inner voice when you're having second thoughts about swimming in the mall fountain.

Friend Match: A Virgo BFF has a good sense of when to pull the plug on your big ideas (like when they're going to get you grounded), while a Gemini helps encourage your giggly, silly side.

Love Match: Don't let a sun-ruled guy with an outsized ego pull you into his orbit. You deserve to be the queen of your own universe, so choose a confident and devoted Taurus who will treat you like one.

Best hobby: Cheerleading
Star match: Nikki Blonsky
Best style: Boho-chic

P.S. So jealous that your "star match" is Nikki Blonsky. Loved her in Hairspray. Since then, eh... But, Hairspray! "Good Morning Baltimore," "Welcome to the 60s," "You Can't Stop the Beat" = good stuff.

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