Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthdays -- the two days before Halloween edition!


Convincing, Secretive, Intellectual

If you had a catch phrase it would be Eureka, because you're all about discovery. Innovative and super-smart, you're full of new, bright ideas about the best way to do things: from what to do with leftover baked potatoes (hash browns, anyone?) to how to solve that killer algebra equation. Your talent for thinking clearly and creatively makes you a leader at home and at school, and you're often happiest when you're putting your skills to work for a group.

+/-: You are a master at keeping your lips sealed, which means your peeps can trust you not to spill their deepest secrets. Keeping confidences is one thing--keeping your feelings on lockdown is another. If you're upset, learn to speak up.

Friend Match: You're an excellent friend and can always be counted on to keep your promises. Make sure you choose peeps who will throw the love back at you, like ultra-dependable Leo and sweet-tempered, giving Libra.

Love Match: You have a tendency to overthink. Make sure you're not so focused on the intelligentsia that you neglect your emotional needs. If your heart starts beating faster every time a certain talented Pisces musician walks by, it's not a chemical reaction caused by his cologne.

Best color: Cherry Blossom
Best date: Foreign film festival
Best job: Talent agent

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