Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If you were born on October 13th...


Intense, Successful, Demanding

You're like an Oreo that's been left out too long: one tough cookie. You always go for the gold--no ifs, ands or buts--and you can't stand whiners and quitters. A super-serious student and a fierce competitor (whether you're vying for the title of MVP on your summer soccer league or trying to land a date with the cutest boy in school), nobody wants to get in your way. You make a frightening enemy: the words forgive and forget aren't in your vocab.

+/-: It pays off that you treat school like a job (all those A's!), but you’re a briefcase away from acting like a straight-up fifty-year-old. Give yourself a vacation and relax once in a while.

Friend Match: You don't win any warm and fuzzy awards for first impressions--the truth is, you're shy deep down so can often come across as standoffish. A perceptive Pisces knows how to break through your barriers.

Love Match: You never give second chances, but you'll have to take it easy on a serious and sincere Cancer who's doing his best. He's not a mind reader, so give him time to get close to you before you write him off.

Best date: Any black-tie event
Best hobby: Class president
Best pet: Bulldog

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