Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What does your special day say about you? Shhh... it's a secret!


Committed, Idealistic, Charming

If you were a movie, you'd be Rebel With A Cause. You're always fighting for something—whether it's cruelty-free lipgloss or longer lunch periods—and even though you're often in trouble with 'rents and teachers, people can't help but admire your fire. You're a strong believer in honesty and have a reputation for bluntness, but you're so charming (and well-intentioned), people usually forgive even your most outrageous observations.

+/-: You might as well be deaf, ’cuz you never listen. You can't stand when people tell you what to do, but keep in mind that your teachers and parents may be piping up with opinions that will actually help you.

Friend Match: You're constantly getting into scrapes, and you need a BFF who's going to stick by your side when your parents (or the cops!) crack down on your latest protest, like an ultra-loyal Leo.

Love Match: You and an equally-rebellious Scorpio will go together like a marshmallow in a microwave: hot, and unexpected, with a tendency to explode. If you both keep a wrap on your tempers, you can avoid the blow-ups.

Best accessory: “Go Green” tank top
Best hobby: Debate team
Star match: Rachel McAdams

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