Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where my 10/22 birthday people at?


Charming, Exciting, Dramatic

If you were a magazine, you'd be Allure: naturally magnetic and appealing, the theme of attraction is dominant in your life. You've got people falling over themselves for you just like a set of dominoes, and you have a similar tendency to get swept off your feet. But for the most part you leave the loving to your admirers and keep your emotions under wraps. You often find yourself controlling other people--and situations--by keeping your cool.

+/-: Life is not a power struggle, so it shouldn't be all about control. Loosen up and let people see the real you. A constant game of tug-of-war is going to land you nowhere but flat on your butt.

Friend Match: You can be a little crazy, so you need your super-steady Capricorn to bring you back to earth once in a while. It's a fair trade: you bring the spice to her life.

Love Match: When it comes to love, you like to think you know just how close you can get to fire without getting burned. But a magnetic Scorpio who's as skilled in the art of charming as you will crank up the heat.

Best accessory: Chanel coat
Best job: Actress
Best style: Chic

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