Friday, October 2, 2009

10/02 -- Birthday Goodies for You!


Charismatic, Attractive, Witty

You're just like Z100: when you're on, everyone tunes in to listen. Charming, persuasive, and allergic to sugarcoating, you always say exactly what you feel--even if the truth hurts. (Your BFF had to know that her lime-green coat was puke-worthy.) But it's not like you're always running your mouth; you say only what you need to say to get your point across, making you the top choice for Debate Club President and a fierce enemy.

+/-: You've got a seriously sarcastic side, so be careful that people don't mistake your bark for a bite. It's great that you've got such a strong sense of humor, but you have to make sure everybody is laughing with you.

Friend Match: You can't stand girls who play dumb, so look out for a smart and sassy Scorpio who can more than match you in a game of verbal sparring.

Love Match: You like an up-front attitude and despise game-playing, so a mischievous Aquarius who keeps his feelings hidden will leave you feeling cold. A straight-up, cards-on-the-table Taurus is the perfect remedy.

Best color: Crimson
Best date: Comedy Club
Theme song: Honestly - Cartel

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