Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is today your b-day? Don't keep it a secret!


Curious, Thorough, Interesting

You should have been a boy scout, because your motto is: Always Prepared. Cautious, serious, and smart, you like to know how things work and you never try anything--whether it's a new exercise regime or a different kind of frozen yogurt--without doing all your research. Your parents never have to nag you to do your homework and you're a classic overachiever, but one kind of activity is missing from your miles-long To Do list: Fun.

+/-: You've got everything planned, from your college of choice to your honeymoon destination (Bali!). But often the best part of a road trip is the unexpected detours, so allow yourself to wander off the path.

Friend Match: Opposites attract, and your life is definitely in need of some dramatic reversals. Buddy up with an explosive, spontaneous, and always-on-the-go Aries and unearth your inner troublemaker.

Love Match: An overachieving Aquarius with a ton of social clout may seem uninterested in you, but the truth is you don't exactly come across as warm and fuzzy. Dig your nose out of the books and try giving him a smile.

Best job: Engineer
Best pet: Cocker spaniel
Star match: Julia Roberts

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