Thursday, October 1, 2009

So you were born on October 1st...


Unique, Dedicated, Dignified

You should compete for Best In Show, because you're all about being top dog. It's not that you're aggressive or overly ambitious, but your clear head and ability to see the whole picture makes you stand out from your peers. You're naturally social and like to be surrounded by a small group of fans (um, friends) at all times. Your philosophy? There's no point in being leader unless you're leader of a pack.

+/-: Generally, you’ve got a ton of confidence. But because you're a perfectionist you're also plagued by fears that you'll never be good enough. But all your stressing is a recipe for failure, so relax and have faith in yourself.

Friend Match: You value the way an earth-sign friend sticks by you, and she values your uniqueness and fearlessness. You help her strut her stuff, and she helps keep you grounded.

Love Match: You’ve got your own ambitions (like being elected class prez), so you don't have time for a me, me, me, Taurus. A super supportive Aquarius, on the other hand? Vote yes.

Best accessory: Dolce and Gabbana eyeglasses
Best job: Head of a cosmetics company
Best style: Power suit

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