Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We love our birthdays, oh yes we do!


Enthusiastic, Logical, Influential

If you were a classic Madonna song, you'd be Vogue. You always know what's in and what's out, but you're more interested in setting the trends than in following them, which means you're often slightly out of step with your peers. Your style, beliefs, and opinions place you firmly in the avant-garde. You'd rather be admired than accepted, and your desire to be influential is so strong that you take criticism like a two-year-old takes a Calc test: badly.

+/-: Your spirit animal might be the mule, because you are super stubborn. Once you get an idea in your head you can become obsessive about it, but letting know when to let go will save you lots of headaches in the end.

Friend Match: Sometimes you feel like no one understands you. Thank God for an artistic and original Pisces who completely appreciates the methods behind the madness.

Love Match: When you fall for a guy who's strongly influenced by Mercury, you'll be in and out of fashion so often it will make your head spin. Time to vote him off and stick with a more stable and forward-thinking Capricorn.

Best pet: Parakeet
Best hobby: A/V Club (you’re an expert on obscure films)
Style icon: Bjork

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