Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What does it mean if you were born on October 14th?

We'll tell you!


Measured, Reasonable, Composed

If you were weather, you'd be an even 75 degrees: moderate and comfortable, you leave the highs and lows to other people. It's important for you to avoid extremes. You keep disappointments from turning into major meltdowns, and you know that just because your crush shoots a smile your way it's no excuse to start planning your wedding (unlike some of your friends). Practical and reserved, you often seem older than your years.

+/-: Moderation in all things is a good philosophy in theory, but there are some things--like laughter and dark chocolate--it's okay to OD on once in a while. Let yourself indulge more often.

Friend Match: You're so together, you make Martha Stewart look like a hot mess. But every so often you should let a giggly, fun-addict Aries help you tap into your inner child.

Love Match: You're not the most outgoing person in the world, which is why a romance between you and an equally reserved Virgo never gets off the ground. Love is about risk, so take a chance on a passionate and expressive Scorpio.

Best accessory: Northface backpack
Best color: Tan
Best vacation spot: Summer house in the Hamptons

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