Thursday, August 27, 2009

To all you August 27thers out there...


Caring, Idealistic, Passionate

If life was like a wiener, you'd be the bun: all about the underdog. When your school's soccer team is kicking serious butt on the field you can't help but root for the losing team, and in general you stay away from competition because you don't like anyone to go home upset. Whether you're raising money for the local soup kitchen or protesting the use of animal fur in clothing, your strong ideals and sense of fairness means you're always trying to do the right thing.

+/-: It's great that you hold such strong beliefs about right and wrong, but keep in mind that opinions are just like first-draft essays: most of the time, they're meant to be revised. Listen to what other people are saying and keep an open mind.

Friend Match: Whenever your friends get depressed or discouraged you're ready to play cheerleader so fast you should keep a pair of emergency pom-poms in your locker. You and a Libra have that in common, which makes you perfect co-captains of your own private squad.

Love Match: A fellow Virgo is perfect: he's cool, smart, sensitive, and never steps on the little people. Basically, he's you in boy form (without the fabulous clothes and hair, natch, but you'll have to forgive his ratty baseball hat).

Best job: Children’s book author
Best hobby: Baking (nothing cheers people up like homemade Snickerdoodles!)
Star match: Sarah Chalke

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