Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get your fashion tips here!

Oh my gosh, we just got our hands on Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist (the book, not the blog, obvs), and we can't get enough of it! It's like Influence and Teen Vogue Handbook but with less words and more yummy pictures! Yeah, some of the pics are of old people (not like nursing home old, but like.... mature), but it'll definitely make you think twice before stepping outside in that same ratty old sweatshirt and ripped jeans -- that is, unless you're attempting to make a fashion statement with that look, in which case: GO FOR IT!

Schuman's all about letting your personality shine through your clothes, but what's awesome is that he isn't like, "You're a rocker/ You're a jock. End of story." Instead, he recognizes that we ladies (and men) love to mix and match our identities as much as we love to change up our hairstyles and nail polish. Now that's something we can try on for size.