Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To all August 25thers--You and BLOOD PROMISE Share the Same B-day! Oh Yeah!

Flamboyant, Energetic, Social

Your motto is: if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and you strut your stuff so hard you make Naomi Campbell look like a slouch. Blessed with brains and beauty, and determined to be appreciated for both, you're the life of the party and are always seeking the spotlight. Though naturally gifted at school your true passion is in one subject and one subject alone: fun! You love to blast music and dance around with your BFFs or scope cute boys at the mall, and being around you is like having the ultimate VIP pass to a 24-hour party.

+/-: You’re one of those girls who makes popularity look totally effortless--people just like you. But do you like yourself? Don’t feel like every spare second has to become a social hour. Find things that you enjoy doing on your own.

Friend Match: Your biggest secret? Though you seem to have it all (and have more Myspace friends than a Claire's boutique has rhinestones), you're prone to moments of feeling alone and misunderstood. An intuitive Pisces will always make you feel appreciated, even when the rest of the world seems to have turned its back.

Love Match: If flirting was an Olympic sport, you’d take home the gold. But don't be surprised if an adorable, quirky Gemini suddenly gets you tongue-tied. He's too confident--and clever--to fall for your usual tricks (and you love it).

Best job: Stylist
Best date: Club opening
Star match: Blake Lively

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