Friday, August 21, 2009

Is Today Your Birthday?

We always feel like our birthdays should be national holidays because... you know, that's when we were born! While it doesn't seem likely they'll be closing school and work to celebrate the awesomeness that it is you, it turns out that your special day can reveal a lot about who you are. Read on to find out more and be sure to look for THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS, on sale July 22nd, 2010!


Composed, Supportive, Protective

You're just like a fugitive, because no matter where you run to or how much you hide, the spotlight is always tracking you down. You don't try to court attention--you prefer a quiet movie with some bfs to a big blow out party with the whole school--but somehow you always seem to end up center stage. Individualistic and confident, just like a pair of strappy gold stilettos in a sea of Birkenstocks, you always stand out from the crowd (plus, you've got great style).

+/-: You’re pretty self-sufficient, which means you never sweat the small stuff. There’s no reason for you to go it alone, though. Trust other people, and they’ll lighten your load!

Friend Match: One thing you can't stand? When people are afraid to be different. You and a radically confident Scorpio BFF will bond over the fact that you're always blazing your own trails.

Love Match: Guys are always trying to show off for you, but you are not looking for someone who can burp the whole alphabet. You prefer the sensitive, artist type. Take heart: a Venus-ruled Romeo with a talent for guitar is headed your way.

Best hobby: Musical theater
Star match: Hayden Panettiere
Best syle: Chic

Don't forget to check back to find out more information about upcoming birthdays!

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