Monday, August 31, 2009

For those of you born on the last day of August...


Dynamic, Influential, Fun

Just like a reality TV star, your motto is: no press is bad press. Very concerned with being at the center of attention, you're a social butterfly and a blast to be around (no one needs to tell you to get the party started). But although you crave recognition, you're not just about surface. You're extremely perceptive and sensitive to other people's feelings, and the reason you like to be looked at is simple: just like any great leader, you want to be an example.

+/-: If a cell phone rings on a Friday night and there's no one around to answer, is it really ringing? You'd never know, since you've got the thing surgically attached to your ear. Don't let alone time freak you out; turn off your phone (yes, and computer) once in a while and practice some privacy.

Friend Match: You and a Scorpio friend are like fireworks: beautiful, fun to watch, and absolutely not to be played with. Once you guys pair up, the rest of the school had better watch out.

Love Match: You take rejection super hard, which can make you afraid to reach out. You won't have to take a chance on a Taurus: he'll make it clear how he feels from day one (and he's totally here to stay).

Best color: Gold
Best job: Politician
Style icon: Grace Kelly

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