Monday, August 24, 2009

If August 24th is Your Birthday...

Then you are:

Observant, Investigative, Thorough

You should be a comb, because you're always untangling knots and problems. Naturally gifted in math and science, you can knock out a Sudoku puzzle in under five minutes and don't read mysteries because you always predict the ending. But your skills extend far beyond school: thoughtful and perceptive, you're totally clued in to how your friends are feeling and can always help them find solutions to their problems.

+/-: You like sniffing out the truth but leave your own thoughts and feelings totally hidden--and since not everyone's as good at playing Sherlock as you, your friends and family often feel like you're one giant mystery. Clue them in.

Friend Match: You're picky about everything, from fabric (cashmere and cotton only) to food (nothing spicy!). But nothing compares to how selective you can be when it comes to picking a BFF. A creative and sweet-tempered Gemini is just as curious as you are, but with a slightly more social side to keep you from going hermit.

Love Match: You're harder to decode than a Rubik's Cube, so you need a guy with the patience to take it slow (and keep at it when the going gets tough), like a steadfast and determined Taurus.

Best job: Pediatrician
Best style: Seven, Citizen, Rock & Republic—you’re all about designer jeans
Best vacation spot: Oceanfront villa in Mykonos

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