Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If you were born on August 26th...

You may not share a birthday with Richelle Mead's BLOOD PROMISE, the fourth book in the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series, but we love you anyway... at least enough to tell you what your special day says about you :)


Self-Contained, Accepting, Cooperative

You're just like ballroom dancing: all about partnering. When you play basketball in gym (blech) you’d much rather set your pal up for the winning basket than lead the team in scoring, and even off the court you prefer to keep a low profile. Private and independent, you occasionally get the reputation of standoffish, when in reality you just like to work your magic behind the scenes. Just make sure you don't get stepped on in the process--your efforts need to be appreciated.

+/-: You’re used to playing a supporting role while your best friends hog the spotlight. Don't let them upstage you; you're a superstar, too, and sometimes you’ve got to take the lead and show everyone what you can do.

Friend Match: Friendship is probably the most important thing in your life, and you don't like to roll anywhere without a solid crew of friends. Not everyone can get down with your stick-to-me-like-peanut-butter style, but a totally devoted Leo BFF will be into playing jelly.

Love Match: Anyone who knows you will say you’re a total sweetheart, but because you're shy you can come off as kind of aloof. Thankfully, a Taurus will set his eyes on you--and be unstoppable on his mission to get to know you better.

Best color: Hazel
Best hobby: Stage crew
Best pet: Hamster

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